Your Summer Dream Coming True

**NEWS** – Screaming Serpents – New body slide at Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark (read more).

**NEWS** – World’s Tallest Water Slide From Schlitterbahn – Verrückt (read more).

Summer season and your holiday
After a long and cold winter what can be more relaxing than resting in waterpark with your family members? Of course nothing, but here is a problem which waterpark should you choose? How much it will cost you? Where to find a good one?

Your Summer Dream Coming TrueAmazing waterparks at Schlitterbahn
All questions above can be answered with single word – Schlitterbahn. This company is famous for its amazing, fun, modern and comfortable waterparks and resorts. They have several parks:
1) Corpus Christi, Texas
2) Galveston Island, Texas
3) Kansas City, Kansas
4) New Braunfels, Texas
5) South Padre Island, Texas

All five parks are just amazing with their high quality service, extremely fun waterparks, water pools, cabanas, lodging and other different stuff which can be really entertaining and interesting as well. I will add below pictures which can describe each park ten times better than any words.

schlitterbahn pictureThey even have coupon codes!
Now about another great feature which you can use while enjoying your spring/summer days at Schlitterbahn is their discount options. What does it simply means is that while buying tickets for waterparks you can save some money using Schlitterbahn Coupons. This discount option is extremely beneficial for those who are low on budget or for those who visit waterparks really often.

I would also suggest you to use their “Season Passes”, these cards can allow you to visit Schlitterbahn for whole summer season and also these cards include discounts for other waterparks, food and souvenirs. Sounds great doesn’t it?

Some useful tips
When buying tickets online keep in mind that number one source for that in terms of price and safety is their official website. They claim that shopping for discounted admission tickets can grant you with discounts on food and souvenirs same way as season passes.

If you have some problems with getting coupons for Schlitterbahn take a look at my notes below which can make your life easier:
1) Our site – we update list of coupons time after time, if you will find that some of our coupons aren’t working please use contact form and notify us about this issue we will fix it as soon as possible.
2) Ebay – they sell tons of waterpark coupons for low price, just don’t forget to buy from those people who have a lot of positive feedbacks (last year I was able to find there all day passes for my whole family only for $66).
3) HEB centers – they offer gift cards.
4) Official website – company itself is more than happy to offer you great savings not only for tickets, but also for their gift shops.
5) Popular couponing sites – sites like RetailMeNot, Coupons.Com, SmartSource.Com, etc. There are really tons of reliable sites ready to give you fresh coupon codes for your daily or holiday needs.

Well those are some interesting tips above; make sure that you read them carefully. What else? Well I want to tell you about how you can use/apply your Schlitterbahn coupon. First of all you can’t apply coupons while shopping for tickets online on the official website. Below you can see screenshot which explains everything very well.

How to obtain Six Flags Over Texas Coupons

When it comes to offering thrilling entertainment and fun not many parks are better than Six Flags Over Texas. The vast park offers a wide range of fun filled activities for individuals and groups. The whole family is at home here. Six Flags Over Texas has got every family member’s wants covered. From thrill rides, family rides, good food and an amazing shopping experience you are guaranteed a time of your life.

The cost of the services at Six Flags Over Texas is highly affordable and above all they offer some of the best discounts in the market. The Six Flags Over Texas Coupons are really appealing and will go a mile in ensuring you save your hard earned cash while having fun. Be it you are an individual or a group, Six Flags Over Texas almost always offers a discount as a gratitude for loyalty. New members are also not left behind as there are great offers to welcome you to the park. Some of the most popular Six Flags Over Texas Coupons that you should not miss out are listed below.

How to obtain Six Flags Over Texas Coupons$25 OFF ON ALL ADVANCE TICKETS

This special offer applies to all who purchase advance tickets to attend any event at Six Flags Over Texas. This is irrespective of the number of tickets purchased. This Six Flags Over Texas Coupon is time limited and expires over a given period.


Six Flags Over Texas offers a free season pass parking for every purchase of 4 or more Season Passes. This is a great deal that customers should take advantage of by purchasing the passes for their family members and friends at a go. Groups seeking to visit the park to hold meetings and team building activities should take advantage of this great offer.


All customers will get a huge $18 off their admission tickets to the park. This is a great offer and will go a long way in saving your cash. This offer is time limited and customers seeking to visit the park should therefore grab this great discount and save big from


Get $15 off your summer tickets when you purchase them and visit the park by the stipulated date on your ticket. This coupon is tentative and time limited. This Six Flags Over Texas Coupon is open to all existing and new customers.


Purchase a one day child ticket to Six Flags Over Texas at an astonishing $54.99 and help your child have an amazing time at the park. Compared to other amusement parks this is a real bargain and a great offer that should be grabbed before this offer expires.

Take advantage of these available Six Flags Over Texas Coupons and save big.

Saving Precious Money with Express Coupon Codes

Express Coupon CodesMoney has never been easy to come by, which is especially true for now seeing as how we are in an economic recession. More and more people are trying to avoid spending money as much as they can, regardless of what they are about to purchase. However, just because there is a recession it does not mean that you are going to be forced to not spend on anything. As a matter of fact, a variety of companies have acknowledged the fact that the spending power of the average citizen has gone down and have thus adapted to it in the form of rebate coupons.

For example, if you are interested in purchasing Express clothing articles, then your range of options will be quite limited seeing as how quality clothes tend to suck your wallet dry. However, you do have an option which would allow you to purchase quality clothing at great prices: Express coupon codes. Indeed, one of the world’s favorite clothing websites is conducting its fair share of sales, offers, and rebates on their various clothing articles, and the best part is that pretty much anybody can take advantage of their offers.

The first, and possibly most common way of obtaining their coupon codes is to simply register up with them and receive all of their special offers and promotions, not to mention a healthy 15% discount off your next purchase right off the bat. While registering with them will give you access to some good promotions, the truth is that in order to save yourself some real money and start shopping like a king or a queen you will have to go deeper in order to retrieve Express coupon codes.

Luckily, you won’t have to look very hard or very long in order to find these coupons, as these days they are easily made available on various internet websites. Indeed, there are various websites out there that basically provide you with the valid coupon codes (and coupon codes for various other companies) that can actually be used by pretty much everyone. Even though in some cases the code will not be accepted, you can always go and try one of the other dozen coupons available.

But now comes the important: why would one specifically look for Express coupon codes, rather than shop at the local mall for example where many stores have their own sales going on? First off, all the shopping done on Express can be performed online, without you having to leave the comfort of your house. Second of all, their spectrum of choices is quite grand, especially considering that they only sell quality articles to their clients. Third of all, the prices on all of their clothing articles are actually already pretty low, at least in comparison to other stores that offer brand name clothes. Finally, I will mention once again that coupon codes for this brand are numerous, very easy to find, and if used in quantity will allow you to save hundreds of dollars while purchasing high-quality clothing articles.

Money Saving Tips When Shopping at Bulk Barns

Money Saving Tips When Shopping at Bulk BarnsMoney Saving Tips When Shopping at Bulk Barns.

For those who love saving some pennies when it comes to shopping, Bulk Barns is an old favorite and I declare myself as a big fan too, today I will tell you the reason.

Why Bulk Barns? 

In case you do not know them, Bulk Barns is a Canadian bulk food store with very competitive prices and great quality products, the Bulk Barns stores are massive and carry over 4,000 products including, pasta, rice, beans and healthy products like gluten free products, peanut free products, kale powder, a great variety that can be held by their large stores. The shopping experience at Bulk Barns is really unique, you can select the amount of product you want to buy (from very little to a large amount) and they have strict hygiene and quality policies, so you can be sure the products are great quality and safe.

How to Save Money Shopping at Bulk Barns.

For the quality mentioned, Bulk Barns might sound like a very expensive store, but actually is like a regular store: some items are very inexpensive and others are overpriced, so when we shop we need to be smart and make sure to get the best for little money.

One of the best things about Bulk Barn is that despite being like any other store in terms of prices they frequently have offers, discounts and coupons you can get easily. The best part of this deals and coupons is a benefit for both parts reflected in the sales of the stores and the money you can keep in your wallet.

The most popular Bulk Barns coupon is the $3 off 10$, it means a 30% discount, imagine what you could get if you had this coupon in every purchase! The $3 coupons last about a week when released and then they expire, the coupons are released regularly, but make sure you get enough of your products so you can wait until the coupons are available again.

store bannerOther Things to Take in Account.

Know the prices of the items you intend to buy, so you will know if there is real money saving or it is just an illusion, buy only the items that are worth the discount and represent a real opportunity to afford them at lower prices and you will not regret you bought them when you see they are cheaper somewhere else.

Watch out, deals and coupons have expiration date and they are no longer helpful once they expire if your intention is saving money make sure to check your coupon before going to the store and plan accordingly if you don’t want to experience an awkward moment at the store.

You can check the deals of the week in their website and also they release coupons there, also there are good websites that can allow you to track the best deals like:,, and

Bed Bath And Beyond coupons – 2016

This discount option can be found in websites like as well as other online
stores that are connected with the largest U.S store selling cookware, bath, bedding supplies as well as kitchenware.
Using these technique shoppers can save up to 50 percent or more for products of their choice.

Bed Bath And Beyond coupons - 2016There are a lot of good deals including buy one get free and the chance to avail of two products for the price of one.
This method is an interesting and exciting way to lure potential buyers into visiting the store. The company allows the promo to be used on the store’s website.
Consumers will be delighted to know that the website is now offering special online only promotions as well as deals that will offer more rebates.
This is perfect for brand new homeowners who are looking to buy bulk items during their shopping mode.
The discounts can be stocked to increase the savings; the clients can keep it until right until the time they decide to buy the product.
This can translate to hundreds of dollars of savings on just a single product.
The online store also offers a chance for individuals to avail of free stuffs and small free gifts especially during the holiday season.
Most of the free items can be in the form of freebies like bathroom or kitchen accessories.
A lot of people have yet to find out the use of this reduction technique; they do not understand that this can help them save thousands of dollars in the long run.
Buyers from different walks of life who have discovered this method are thankful for the benefits that it provides.
this offer is valid
Bed Bath And Beyond coupons can be found online or in print and can also be seen in magazines or newspapers.
Today the most effective way to avail of special discounts is to visit online stores.

How to Find

With the current sluggish economy, it is imperative to ensure that you do not spend a fortune doing your shopping. You should make sure that you make enough savings on every purchase. But how can you achieve this? Well, the best way to do this is to find stores that offer competitive prices andother special offers. This is where coupons for bed bath and beyond come in handy. With these codes, you will be able to purchase high quality items at a reasonable cost. But because of the high demand for these coupons, it has become rather difficult for shoppers to get them. So the most important thing that you should be concerned about is where you can find these coupons.

For starters, there are numerous coupon websites that offer these coupons. However, you should do thorough research on the available coupon sites before you decide on the one to obtain your coupons from. This is important because there are some unscrupulous coupon websites that strive to make a quick buck by playing tricks on innocent shoppers. They do not have genuine coupons. That’s why you need to exercise caution when you are choosing your coupon website. But there are numerous reputable coupon websites that are dedicated to providing exciting shopping coupons.
If you can’t find a reliable coupon website, you can turn to the company’s official page. Bed Bath and Beyond has a reliable website where it displays its products and the available coupons. You can even register yourself on the site so that you can be sent notification of the latest products and offers through emails. The company also includes coupons in its monthly newsletters as a way of rewarding its esteemed customers. So you should not delete the newsletters before you check what they have. These coupons are the best way to cut down your daily spending.